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Parsons Christian Academy

Equipping students for life through quality education

Parsons Christian Academy has long-range plans for growth. At the same time, the private school that serves the education and spiritual needs of children from 4K to 12th grade will never allow itself to get too big.

The school was started by Eileen Parsons as an educational alternative for families who wanted a small Christian learning environment for their children compared to larger classes.

At PCA, the teacher-to-student ratio is no more than 1-to-20.

Smaller classes and individualized instruction truly allows Parsons Christian Academy to stand out. Children feel like they are part of a family and respond well to the personalized attention each receives, co-owner and vice principal Cindy Etchberger said.

"I believe our small atmosphere is what makes us unique," she said. "We build relationships with our families. There's usually no more than 20 students in our classes. If we get more than that, we split into two classes. That gives our teachers more opportunities to work with them. We know our families; they know us."

Parsons is accredited by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. In addition to a traditional core curriculum, PCA also has elective courses in art, dance, drama and computer technology, as well as 12 athletic programs.

While students will continue to get individualized attention, Etchberger said the academy is working to have at least two classrooms for each grade level.

While the primary focus is on academics, there is a belief that activity and arts are essential components of an academic education. Offerings include music, art and physical education programs.

The school's mission is to equip students for life through quality Christian education that inspires commitment to Jesus Christ and excellence in academics, moral character and service to others.

Because relationships at Parsons reach deep into a student's home life, it's common for the academy to provide help during a family emergency.

"We rally around that family in emergency-type situations," Etchberger said. "Education is a great thing, but it's not always about this. It's not easy to teach those things if there are other things that need attention."

While the school seeks to provide instruction in biblical training, spiritual growth, academic mastery, fine art appreciation and physical development in order to help each child's potential, lessons learned at Parsons Christian Academy continue to be a big part of each student's personal growth.

Parsons Christian Academy

5705 Fort Caroline Road
Jacksonville , FL
United States
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