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San Jose Episcopal Day School

A nurturing community for tomorrow’s leaders

San Jose Episcopal Day School (SJEDS) provides a challenging yet nurturing community for tomorrow's leaders and innovators. Since 1950, SJEDS has been educating the whole child — mind, body and spirit.

With a solid foundation, SJEDS graduates continue on to the area's most prestigious secondary schools.

A passion for learning

Each student is a unique individual, possessing their own set of strengths and challenges. A loving and nurturing faculty helps students identify those strengths and challenges through differentiated instruction, resulting in a safe and rewarding academic environment where students thrive. Because classrooms have no academic ceilings, each student can reach their fullest potential, no matter how high that may be.

Recognizing that talents also reside outside of the classroom, SJEDS provides instruction in studio art, vocal and instrumental music and drama. After-school athletic offerings provide additional opportunities for students to identify special gifts.

Through problem solving, collaboration and self-expression, students gain confidence and learn skills that translate to other areas of academic success.

An innovative schoolwide enrichment program allows students to apply concepts learned in the classroom to real-world problems. By tapping into their own interests, students gain a deep understanding of these concepts and see how they might translate to a future career.

A life of integrity

As an Episcopal school, SJEDS weaves spiritual formation and character development through all facets of student life. This provides the foundation for grounded and compassionate community leaders with a strong moral compass. Weekly chapel service is the heart of the school, where all students and faculty come together as a community that values diversity, inclusion and respect for all faiths.

A heart for Christian service

Students at SJEDS are taught that they have responsibilities to others, especially those in need. Through service learning and community outreach, students have limitless opportunities to learn about themselves, their community and the world around them.

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San Jose Episcopal Day School

7423 San Jose Boulevard
Jacksonville , FL
United States
Phone: (904)733-0352
Fax: (904) 733-2582
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